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Cosmetic Dentistry

Discover your “Beautiful Smile” with Aligners, Veneers  and teeth whitening.

Working together to help you shine Virtually any cosmetic concern can be treated here at Ornate Painless Dental Hospital. Our cosmetic dentists are passionate about using technology to deliver amazing results. Dental treatment here at Ornate Painless Dental Hospital are always Painless and of Premium Quality .

We believe in building lifetime relationships through positive experiences and really beautiful teeth.

The easy way to straighten your teeth is by using Clear and Removable Aligners.

Let us Reveal the  natural brightness of your teeth to unlock a sparkling White Smile!! Our whitenings are painless and non-invasive and you can remove years of stains and colour from your teeth in a single visit treatment.

Improve the appearance of your teeth and smile with Veneers. Veneers are custom-made shells that fit around your teeth. We customise your Cosmetic treatment by By addressing any underlying dental health treatment or imperfections. When planning your dental treatment we will ensure your veneers not only improve your smile but complement the natural shape of your face.

Total makeover for your smile It correct gaps, fractured ,stains and worn teeth. Made for you Natural looking and customised for a flawless smile. We ensure each veneer is uniquely crafted for your smile. Fix a single issue Also effective for improving just one tooth. Beauty that lasts With proper care your veneers will last for years to come.

Eliminate little imperfections It can be completed in just one visit. Small fractures gaps and Stains between your teeth can temper on your confidence and oral health and can drive you crazy . Dental bonding is simple yet effective solution. Bonding involves applying a natural white composite resin directly to your teeth to cover your damaged tooth, hide imperfections and provide a beautiful and durable smile. Best of all the entire treatment can be completed in just one easy visit. Bonding can address a variety of minor concerns like 

  1. A single discoloured tooth 
  2. Small gaps between teeth 
  3. A little fracture cracks or cavities 
  4. Improperly shaped tooth

How it works ?

1. Colour matching

The composite material is customised to match the shade of your natural teeth.

2. Tooth preparation

We prepare the surface of your tooth to help the bonding agent stick to the tooth.

3. Bonding

We apply the bonding material using a UV light to cure and seal it. Keep up on your routine 6-month cleanings and we’ll keep you smiling long after your cosmetic treatment is done. Get ready to be thrilled with your Beautiful smile. Find the Best Cosmetic dentist at Ornate Painless Dental Hospital in Surat Near you and Get your Cosmetic dental treatment done.

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