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Full Mouth Reconstruction

At Ornate Painless Dental Hospital we have team of expert dentists who  have a range of experience and expertise, so we can handle everything from inlays and onlays, to veneers, to dental implants.

Our restorative dentists work to restore your teeth to their proper function and fit. Our skilled cosmetic dentists have the ability to transform your smile into a beautiful smile that you’ve always dreamed of. By having a range of focused doctors within one office, we allow for better results and the best service, and the ultimate in convenience.

Full-mouth reconstruction is a process where we rebuild what has been lost over years of wear, tear and destruction.  With a combination of artistry, science, and technology, we take mouths that have been worn down through years of clenching, grinding, and other destructive processes; we rebuild them back to where it is intended them to be.  We make the chewing system work the way it was designed to work.  Basically, we restore the mouth back to ground zero; we make it go back to the way it was supposed to be which is Painless .

Full Mouth Reconstruction is the systematic approach to restoring all of your teeth at the same time. There are different reasons for needing this full-mouth restoration treatment. Examples are:

  • Teeth that are severely worn down 
  • Multiple missing teeth 
  • A deep bite (the top teeth bite too far down over the bottom teeth) 
  • Patients who want instant orthodontics (using porcelain veneers, bridges, or other restorations on all of the teeth to ideally reshape and reposition the teeth)
  • Severe decay in all or most of the teeth 
  • Severe erosion of the enamel 
  • Congenital disorders that cause missing teeth, missing enamel, or poorly-formed teeth 
  • Traumatic injury to the mouth/teeth 

Our top and experienced dentist at Ornate Painless Dental Hospital have decades of experience in full mouth reconstruction cases and have developed a systematic, phased approach to Full MOUTH Restoration And Reconstruction treatment.

This procedure is one of the most advanced treatments available in dentistry, and it requires a lot of experience, knowledge, and skill on the dentist’s part. At Ornate Painless Dental Hospital’s consultation visit, we will show you numerous cases where our dentists have successfully performed full mouth reconstructions.

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