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TMD & TMJ Treatment

Get Relief for TMJ Pain and Migraines.

Do you suffer from migraine Or migraine type headaches ???

Does years Jaw feel tired or produce a clicking noise every time you open your mouth ??

Do suffer from neck pain or frequent Ear aches???

Do your head feel heavy on waking up early in the morning ????

Headaches and facial pain open originate from your temporomandibular joint and can be addressed and eliminate through a series of treatments including Botox .

What is TMJ disorder ???

TMJ is a joint that allows you to speak and chew normally. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is caused by problems in your jaw ,facial muscles, and joints.

What are the symptoms of TMJ disorder ?

The common TMJ symptoms include

  1. Chronic headaches and migraines  
  2. Joint pain or Locking 
  3. Sound in your jaw  
  4. Discomfort while chewing
  5. Ear and sinus pain
  6. Heavy head on waking up in the morning

What causes TMJ disorder ??

  1. Teeth grinding OR clenching (Bruxism)  
  2. Arthritis  
  3. Your jaw disk erodes or moves out of proper alignment  
  4. The cartilage of TMJ is damaged
  5. Damaged caused by blow or other impact
  6. Weak muscles
  7. Stress

How we treat TMJ disorder at Ornate painless dental Hospital

Custom-made and advanced occlusal Guards that prevent clenching and reposition your Jaw to a more favourable and comfortable position

By setting Teeath guidance it prevents excessive lateral forces on the back tooth i.e molars and it helps in daytime bruxism .

When your muscle is too weak Botox is one of our most recommended treatments fir TMJ disorder. Tight muscles are often the cause or a contributing factor to TMJ issues. Botox relaxes your muscles, eliminate tension in your mouth and prevents grinding and clenching.

Thanks to Botox treatment many of our patients are now headache free after decades of sufferings. Even if you are migraines or headaches are more complex and involves more than just a muscle, Botox can eliminate your pain that comes from this muscle and might offer you some relief from sufferings.

We want to help relieve your pain and get more enjoyment out of life nothing makes our team happier than helping you put your best smile forward every day……

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